Recognize the Importance of Great Value in a Parking Storage Facility

When you’re looking for different places to store your car, RV, or boat, you may not know that all storage businesses are NOT the same. For some, you pay an expensive rate to park your car, and only that. Why would you pay the same price to simply store your car when you can do the same (for less) at PDX Auto Storage and get more value? PDX Auto Storage boasts considerable benefits to storing one’s car at an affordable price. Here are some of the reasons you should park your car at PDX Auto Storage, other than just storing your car:

  1. There is ample space: Some facilities run out of space. We don’t. We are expanding to a new amazing 4 ACRE facility. This expansion will still have the same great service and much more HIGHLY secure space to better serve all our amazing North West Customers many parking needs.
  2. Location- The new location is just 4 miles away from PDX Airport for your convenience.  You won’t have to drive those distances you’d have to for other storage locations.
  3. Accessibility– We coordinate a shuttle that goes to and from the airport from PDX Auto Storage.
  4. Flexibility– Are you running late? Need to change your drop off date or arrange a new arrival  time? We will work with you, unlike other places that make you stick to rigid times.
  5. Comparable prices that don’t break the bank: Some prices can be up to $450 a month to storing your car. We don’t believe in overcharging you for some basic services you need.
  6. Security- New Facility will be completely DOUBLE FENCED. This facility will be fully fenced with 10 high commercial perimeter fences surrounding the whole facility. ADDITIONAL HIGH VOLTAGE FENCING We are happy to share that we are also installing an additional 10ft high internal HIGH VOLTAGE 7000 VOLT security fence for added security. 10 ft high commercial security fence surrounding the whole facility. Other facilities have breaks in. PDX Airport has had 54 cars stolen. This doesn’t happen with us.
  7. Additional service offered for our customers such as customer discounts, customer bonuses, customer kickbacks, special savings deals, service drop offs, pick ups. Click here to see more of our deals.

Choose PDX Auto Storage next time you want amazing customer service to store your cars, RVs, or boats. As you can see, we have what most of our competitors don’t have- other perks. Get your money’s worth at PDX Auto Storage, the best parking storage facility out there.