4 Great Things About PDX Auto Storage’s Service Plus Customer Package

Are you looking for a place to park your car or truck for a significant amount of time? Whether you’re traveling or you simply need a place to park, here are some useful services that PDX Auto Storage offers its customers.

1.       Maintenance Starts

We at PDX Auto Storage helps to keep engine seals lubed so they do not dry out across long periods of dry storage. We also aim to prevent battery failure over time that tends to happen with lack of maintenance and long-term storage.

2.       We Offer Jump Starts

If you find yourself with a dead battery due to prolonged storage, we’re there for you. Over time, batteries become weak and tend to fail to start your car. This is because of cold weather and long-term storage. With the Service plus package you can rest assured your battery will be charged and ready to start your unit when you return to pick it up.

3.       We Provide Detailing & Vacuuming

We have an excellent standard of cleanliness, and as a result, our whole unit is wiped down, floors are vacuumed, and we put new clean paper floor mats on your floors to ensure you return to a comfortable clean car after your long-dreaded flight.

4.       We Check/Top-off Tire Pressure

It is a fact that tires are known to deflate with seasonal and weather temperature changes and can eventually need to be topped off. Therefore, we check and assure tire air pressure is topped off to prevent low tires upon your arrival from a long flight.

In closing, we know that the last thing someone wants after a long flight is to come back to a dead battery, or low or flat tires, especially if you still have a long drive ahead of you to arrive at your final destination. Therefore, we assure that you will come back to a clean car, tire air pressure checked and topped off, with your battery charged and your car waiting for your arrival Call 503-257-1140.