Finding Secure Affordable RV Storage In the Northwest

Portland Vancouver area

To find the most cost-effective boat storage solution, consider outdoor storage as the cheapest option. However, it’s important to explore other alternatives. Storing the boat at home is ideal, but if that’s not possible, you can consider asking a neighbor with extra space. Keep in mind the potential security issues and liabilities that may arise from this option.

Consider storing your RV or boat at a permitted storage facility nearby for a better option. Look for a facility that provides affordable, convenient, and secure storage for RV’s and boats. Ideally, you would want covered or enclosed storage, but finding such storage in Portland at reasonable prices can be challenging.

In the Northwest, there are RV and boat storage facilities that provide outdoor or open storage options. These options are more affordable compared to covered or enclosed storage. However, it’s important to note that some of these cheaper facilities may lack adequate security measures, such as a security fence and cameras. Therefore, it is advisable to consider alternative options that offer better security.  (Crime is on the rise, secure facilities are the new normal)

Portland chop shops, 26-year high in RV & car thefts 

Storing your boat outside is permissible, but it is crucial to winterize it first to prevent any potential damage during the winter season. Ensuring proper winterization is essential, regardless of whether you choose an open or covered RV storage facility for your boat.

When storing your boat, whether indoors or outdoors, it is crucial to cover it properly. Ensuring that the tarp or cover is tight is essential to prevent water from pooling on top during rainfall, which can loosen the cover and worsen pooling problems.

When storing a boat outdoors, it is crucial to regularly inspect it, particularly after weather events like rain, snow, or strong winds. Verify the condition of the boat cover and ensure that the tie-downs are securely fastened.

Boat storage prices in the northwest can vary from $99 to $150 per month, depending on the facility. The cost may be higher in urban areas compared to rural areas. At PDX Auto & RV we offer affordable rates below the average cost while providing top-notch security measures for the best customer service and care.

When selecting an outdoor boat storage facility, it is important to consider the surfacing, space availability, and security measures. Cheaper facilities may have dirt or gravel surfacing, limited space, and lack security and surveillance cameras. On the other hand, higher-end RV storage facilities typically have asphalt surfacing and assigned spaces. However, these facilities can be quite expensive, especially when paying a monthly rental rate. A cost-effective alternative is a gravel parking facility with good gravel, as it provides better tire traction and reduces the risk of flat spots. Additionally, these facilities often have lower monthly storage fees due to not passing on higher city tax costs associated with asphalt. Regardless of the facility chosen, it is crucial to ensure that the level of security meets your comfort level.

In the northwest, Portland & Vancouver region, boat storage prices are among the most affordable for facilities that have asphalt surfacing and secure storage. The monthly prices range from $99 to $165, but they can be considerably higher in commercial facilities with public access that have paved surfaces. The cost depends on the size of the boat, the width of the space, and the ease of in and out access. Pull-thru spaces are generally more expensive. Rates can also differ based on factors like location, facility type, and amenities provided.

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