Looking to Store your Recreational Vehicle?

A safe RV is a happy RV

Summer is one of the prime seasons to get out there and enjoy your RV – but its also one of the best times to keep it off the road as well. Why you ask? There’s a few reasons why you may not want to be out cavorting in your home away from home during the hottest months of the year.

  1. Weather. The weather can be a bit demanding to say the least. Mother nature hasn’t been too kind to us lately, with record high summer temperatures and dangerous wildfires popping up here and there. There are some gorgeous nights and perfect mornings but you may be spending a bit more time inside your RV relying on it’s air conditioner than you’re used to.
  2. Traffic. Summer time in oregon is the time for people to get out and enjoy the outside. But when you have a Rec. Vehicle, you can take your house-on-wheels anywhere, at any time. Why fight mid-summer traffic when you’re bringing your home with you wherever you go. No matter the weather, you’ve got your cozy spot to relax in; making you more flexible when it comes to planning excursions.
  3. Crowds. Who doesn’t love a crowd? Well, maybe not when you’re favorite beach spot is a bit too full to enjoy. Or when you pull up to that great hike base only to see a sea of cars with no more spots left. It’s great to get out there, but sometimes you want to get away only to find you’re right up in it.

For those times between trips, or when you just want to park your RV securely to take a breather, PDX Auto Storage is a great place to park your baby. Whether only for a day or two, a week, or even a month – we make security and access to your vehicle our top priority. Get it off the street or out of the driveway temporarily and store it at our facility. When you need it, we can put the keys in your hand at a moments’ notice, taking the worry out of what to do with it for the time being. Call us today!