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A Brief History of PDX Auto Storage - PDX Auto Storage

A Brief History of PDX Auto Storage

You may have wanted to know how PDX Auto Storage became the popular business that it is today. Well, we’re here to indulge you in some history.

PDX Auto Storage originated in 1998, first as Parkrose RV Storage. It began as a small storage yard at that time, was approximately 10,000 square feet. This lot was tiny, but extremely secure, and only measured about 100 ft x 100 ft in 1998.

As time passed, the customer base did as well, with calls coming in from needy customers wanting safe secure parking auto storage, to contractors wanting equipment storage for safe keeping of their tools and equipment. It became apparent that the need was much greater than the space, and valuable customers wanted and needed our parking service.

Something had to be done, as it was apparent it was time to expand to better serve our customers, so without further ado, in 2005 we set out on a mission to take on a fairly substantial space expansion. We were thinking that should suffice to better accommodate customers’ needs and last for a while.

At that point, we had to change the name of the business as it had outgrown its area. It was then that PDX Auto Storage was born. Only again, a short time later to be faced with the same problem all over again, (It was like déjà vu, after all we thought we had just watched this movie or was it a sequel to the last).

Practicing great customer service and amazing super competitive rates, we stood behind our service and out done our competition and continued the mission.

We watched things unfold. Again, it had made itself more apparent than the last time, that there was yet again additional needs well-deserved customers that counted on us for their safe, secure parking and storage for cars trucks RV’s and equipment. We had to do something to take care of our important customer base and their many parking needs, and again, just as the last time, we set out to embark on a new mission. This transpired again in 2008 and in 2015, with facilities growing to over 2 1/2 acres of parking.

As time went on and spaces were filled, customers came and very few left. As the facility filled and things transpired, days turned to months, months turned to years, which has created the amazing customer support and interest we have fostered in our business.

Our mission is to fill our customers’ needs, so we are happy to announce that we have decided to expand to a complete new amazing 4-acre facility with a big beautiful office, high-tech auto tracing surveillance cameras, 10 ft of outer Industrial perimeter fence, with 10 feet of 7000 volts of electrified interior fences for added addition protection and a convenient location now 4 miles from the airport.

That is the history of PDX Auto Storage as it stands today! Contact us if you would like to store something with us today, now that you know our legacy!