A SAFER and BIGGER PDX Auto Storage

One of the great things about using PDX Auto Storage is that now there is GUARANTEED safety, as well as extra space. We are expanding to a 4-acre facility to accommodate the needs of those parking in the Pacific Northwest. This new, amazing facility is conveniently located 7 minutes from Portland International Airport and CLOSE TO ALL MAJOR FREEWAYS.

Here is how PDX Auto Storage has become more secure:

  • There is now a feature of overhead outdoor security lighting.
  • We will have high-speed auto tracking security surveillance cameras.
  • The fences will be double fenced for your security.
  • There will be high voltage on these fences to protect your possessions.
  • Thus, you will not have to worry about fences getting cut for thieves to gain access to your unit.
  • This facility will be fully fenced with 10 high commercial perimeter fences surrounding the whole facility.
  • We are happy to share that we are also installing an additional 10ft high internal HIGH VOLTAGE 7000 VOLT security fence for additional security measures.

The reality is that many cars parked or stored anywhere run the risk of being broken into and stolen, whether it be at Portland International Airport and most other public storage facilities with gate code accessibility. There are significant risks to parking at the airport, as demonstrated by this article.


We want to be the ones to change the game. Therefore, we are adding security so that your unit is fully inaccessible to others.

With this new auto storage lot with PDX Auto Storage, we still intend to have the quality service you have learned to expect from us, as well as much more HIGHLY secure space to better serve all our amazing Northwest Customers.


If you are a new customer, here are our fall rates:

  • Monthly $85
  • 3 months @ $75 a month- With auto pay account.
  • 6 months @ $65 – with auto-pay account.

To get safe and secure 24-hour surveillance, here is our contact information.

Office 503.257-1140

Sales 503-290-8143

So, if you need to store your car or your unit, bring it down to PDX Auto Storage. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you to take care of business or go on that trip and not have to worry about anyone getting into your car or unit. As described above, your car may not be safe at the airport, but with us, your property’s safety is our guarantee!