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5 Useful Tips for Storing An Automobile Through the Winter Months - PDX Auto Storage

5 Useful Tips for Storing An Automobile Through the Winter Months

When it comes to PDX Auto Storage, we don’t only store vehicles- but we act as a resource for the community. This is why we are giving you five useful tips on storing your vehicle this winter. There are some things you’re going to want to do in order to maintain your car’s condition as the holiday season unfolds. Here are some things to take note of:


Before you put your car away for the winter, it is best to check and top off your tire air pressure. This is because tires tend to deflate over time, and weather temperature fluctuations can increase this issue. This is because as the temperature changes, so does the air pressure in your car tires, causing them to deflate over long periods of time.

Without tending to this, one can expect auto repair costs. As tires deflate, they can end up causing a lot of damage to the tires by damaging the rubber from sitting on the wheel, tires crack, loose air pressure and become unsafe to drive on.

This leads to costly repairs when it comes time to use your car again as tires need replacing and don’t come cheap. Prevent this problem by using these simple little storage hacks to prevent unnecessary and unwanted repair costs and frustration.


Antifreeze is used to prevent engine from freezing and cracking your engine block radiator and hoses/ This can cost as much as thousands of dollars in unexpected costly repairs. Note: We do not provide antifreeze at our facility. If you’d like antifreeze, check out this shop.


A Damprid moisture condensation collection bag helps to reduce and even prevents moisture and condensation buildup inside your car / truck. This causes musty odors mold and mildew in bedding your car’s interior and upholstery, due to prolonged winter storage.


Maintenance starts also help on overall performance by keeping your car’s battery active occasionally, this simple little trick, can also assist in saving much unexpected and unnecessary added repair costs. Auto batteries like everything else tend to expire over time, but this little trick can also help to reduce the headache of unwanted auto repair costs.

By starting your engine every couple months you help to keep the battery alive, so they do not go dormant and lose their starting cranking power over the winter cold months, causing the need to replace your battery in spring.


A properly- fitted car cover that fits your car properly can also help with winter Auto Storage protection. By using a fitted car cover to your specific model, this helps with additional weather protection, helps against sun fading due to long exposure to the sun over extended periods of time, as well as nasty winter weather elements. This helps to prevent seats and dashes from weathering and drying out cracking and fading due to the UV Rays, causing repairs and additional costs.

In conclusion, by supplying a quality fitted car cover, having your antifreeze and tires checked, and parking using the PDX Auto Storage service plus package, you will have additional piece of mind your car has additional protection against the winter weather elements.